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Polanik Opblaasbare Hoogspringmat

Artikelnummer: HJDZ16-536


Drop Zone is an innovative line of pneumatic high jump landing areas. It’s segments are inflated with air. The cover is made of double-sided, super-strong spike resistant top pad, which protects against punctures. Attention! No continuous pumping.

High jump club DROP ZONE landing area 5 x 3 x 0,6 m.

The model HJDZ16-536 consists of two elements, it is equipped with a double-sided, anti spike top pad, made of a special, super durable fabric resistant to any punctures, as well as weather conditions. Each segment is filled with air using the electric pump. No continuous pumping.The safety valve automatically regulates the pressure when exceeding 80 mbar. Possible adjustment of softness using the manometer. Recommended pressure inside of the elements is between 15 and 35 mbar. The segments and the top pad are linked using the strong straps and metal buckles. Waterproof cover is available separately. Pumped out items are packed in special carrying bags that make it easy to carry and secure during transport and storage. For transport all items are packed on one eur pallet.

The product has a positive opinion of shock absorption issued by a specialist laboratory dealing with the study of sports synthetic surfaces CST-Global in London.
A positive fatigue test confirms the long service life of the product. After a cycle of 100,000 crumples, the mattress has the same hardness and elasticity.

Drop Zone landing area advantages:
-multiple-fold volume reduction after pumping out
-no foam reduces storage  and transport costs (all elements packed on one pallet)
-fast and easy assembly/disassembly (pumping up from 3 min)
-no need to use platform – the bottom of the mattress made of non-slip fabric
-reinforced seams ensure a long life
– safe and durable
– resistant to weather condition
-absorbs even at the very edge

 HJDZ16-536 includes:
1. 2 segments
2. spike resistant top pad
3. 3 special carrying bag

*electric pump and manometer available separated