Timetronics Electronic Start System

We offer you 2 different electronic start devices: our Club (TTC064) and our Pro (TTC063) version.

In combination with a portable SpeakerBox sound system (TTC067), you have a professional start system without a classic gun.

 No bullets anymore

 No weapon license needed, less administration

 Easy connection to all MacFinish photofinish systems


What is an Electronic Starting Device?

 It is an electronic audio-visual start signal generator that can be used for all types of races. It generates a start signal by sound and flashlight

 It does not use gunpowder and is safe to handle

 It can generate a synthesized firing signal or an electronic beep

 The start official can use a Headset Microphone (optional and for Pro version only) to amplify and communicate his/her voice message to the athletes

 It can be used with one portable sound system or more, or with other equipment to suit your timing system


Advantages of the TTC-063 Pro versus TTC-064 Club

 The Pro system has a pre trigger point (like a traditional start gun)

 The Pro system has a stronger (more visible, 360° instead of 180°) flash light

 The Pro system is more robust

 The Pro system can be connected to a microphone (P1125) to amplify the starters voice


SpeakerBox TTC-067


To hear the actual starting sound, you need to connect the electronic start device to a speaker system. For this reason we have developed a SpeakerBox which you can mount underneath or inside a starter stand.



 The SpeakerBox can be mounted on the starter stand. This way you only need to transport this one stand, instead of multiple items.

 LED ready light to communicate with photofinish operator. Ready LED on means that the MacFinish system is set in ready position to receive start pulse.

 All athletes can hear the starting shot without delay with optional additional speaker (TTC068), please note that you can add max 2 of these speakers to the SpeakerBox. 

Code Omschrijving Prijs*Prijsopgave
TTC064Timetronics Electronic Start System - Clubop aanvraagToevoegen +
TTC063Timetronics Electronic Start System - Proop aanvraagToevoegen +
TTC067Timetronics Electronic Start System - Speakerboxop aanvraagToevoegen +
TTC068Timetronics Electronic Start System - Extra speakerop aanvraagToevoegen +
P1125Timetronics Electronic Start System - Microfoon (enkel voor de Pro)op aanvraagToevoegen +
TTP1123Timetronics Electronic Start System - Draagkofferop aanvraagToevoegen +
*Genoemde prijzen zijn excl. 21% btw

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